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Behind The Scenes Laurence Fishburne Public Television Sports in America

Behind The Scenes with Host Laurence Fishburne | Public Television | Adventure

Laurence Fishburne hosts an upcoming “Behind The Scenes” segment on Sports Culture in America.

Spectator sports in America are a very influential part of American culture. Sports are very pervasive in the USA. Even people who don’t like football are aware of the Super Bowl. It is a cultural phenomenon that is nearly impossible to avoid. Advertisers pay many millions just to get a 30-second television spot on the Super Bowl because of its potential to have significant influence.

Laurence Fishburne, host of the Public Television series Behind The Scenes that delves deep into the subject of sports culture in America. Americans love their sports. They love playing them and love watching them. Sports competitions have a long history in human culture and Americans have always embraced sports by creating their own special versions.
American baseball is quite different from the English version of cricket. American football is different from the globally-played football that Americans call soccer.

Why the difference in the games that Americans play and enjoy? Fishburne opens a segment that explores the origins of American sports, how they developed, and why some are so popular. Children in American schools participate in sports from an early age because physical education is a mandatory part of the curriculum. Some grow up to become professional sports players.

The top professional players in American are rewarded with fame and fortune. For some inner city kids, sports may be their only way out of a life of poverty, drugs, and crime. Others simply play sports as adults for fun and to get some exercise.

Golf is popular with older adults because it is challenging to play well, yet not that physically demanding. The vast majority of Americans of all ages are involved in some way in sports activities. Fishburne’s compelling exploration of sports in America is revealing in its conclusions.
Behind The Scenes is an educational television series provided to Public Television and commercial broadcasters to inform and educate the audience about societal influences and changes in a wide variety of industries, American culture, technology, sports, and entertainment.

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